Instruction for Final Manuscript

This document gives you basic guidelines for preparing camera-ready manuscript for NOLTA2000. Please read carefully and follow the instructions.


Paper Size

The manuscript should be clearly printed on single-sided A4 (210mm X 297mm) paper. Text, figures, tables, and references must be contained in a 170mm X 236mm image area. All text must be written in two columns. Columns are to be 82.5mm wide, with a 5mm space between them. The left margin is to be 20mm. The top margin is to be 30mm.

All manuscripts will be scaled down to B5 size (approximately 177mm X 250mm) when they are compiled into the proceedings of NOLTA2000.


All papers must be written in English.

Length of the Manuscript

Each paper should have no more than four pages including figures, tables, and references.


The first page of the manuscript must contain the title, the authors' name(s), affiliation(s) centered on the image area mentioned above across both columns. The authors are recommended to give their E-mail addresses in the affiliation.


Each paper should contain an abstract of less than 50 words at the beginning of the paper, that is, the top of the left column on the first page.


List and number all references at the end of the manuscript as follows:

[1]L.A. Zadeh, ``Fuzzy Sets'', Inform. Control, vol.8, pp.338-353, 1965.

When referring to them in the text, type the corresponding reference number in square brackets, e.g., [1]. Please do not use superscripts.


If you have photographs or half-tone figures, either print them out as part of the paper or attach each original figure at appropriate place with glue. Do not use any colors in hard copy illustrations.

Page Numbering

Number all pages in erasable lead pencil in the upper right-hand corners on the back of the pages. Please do not type page numbers on the front of the pages.

LaTeX Style File

How to Submit

Please submit final manuscript according to the following instruction:
  1. Proceed to Speaker's Reply Form Page and fill in the speaker's professional biographical details.
  2. Submit final manuscript via one of the following ways:
    1. (Recommended) Goto PDF Submission Page for Final Manuscript and upload PDF file of the final manuscript.
    2. (Recommended) Send PDF file of final manuscript via E-mail with the paper number.
    3. (Not recommended but we also accept) Send two copies of manuscript printed in A4 paper via postal mail to:
      Masahide Kashiwagi (Technical Program Co-Chair)
      Department of Information and Computer Science,
      School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
      3-4-1, Ookubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8555, Japan
      with the paper number.



Deadline for Final Manuscript is JULY 1, 2000.

Important Notice

Final manuscript and and payment of the registration fee must be received by JULY 1, 2000. Otherwise, the manuscript will not be included in the proceedings of NOLTA2000.


Instruction for Final Manuscript /